Eberron: The End of an Age

How we Killed stuff

Musings of the immortal mind of perfection

2ed night of adventuring in Breland campaign, Our little party found and killed 3 giant wolfs, and 3 shifters. We followed that up by finding a dam and releasing it. Protecting the dam was a Dwarf and a female monk. The wizard summoned 2 effective hellish gorilla’s. They keep the guards busy while our goliath cut down the braces for the bridge. Link also proved essential to the party’s success. He fried the bridge, and caused it to collapse, this drowned the dwarf. Releasing the dam wiped out a full battalion of heavy cavalry. Naturally, apron returning to base , the fleshies took all the credit. No matter, I do not need there praise . I believe this war is fought over who will rule among the breathers…So much simpler if they would accept the structure and order that is the natural state of all sentient beings. Perhaps they just need to be shown the way.


LeBeau Zarthose

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