Character Creation

Ability Scores

  • A Player Character’s ability scores are assigned using a 1-for-1 point buy system. Each ability starts at ‘0’. The Player uses a pool of ‘84’ points at first level. Racial ability adjustments and ability bonuses due to level are calculated after points are spent.


  • A Player Character may select a race from any 3.5 content. This is subject to approval by the DM.


  • A Player Character may select a class/prestige class from any 3.5 content. This is subject to approval by the DM.


  • All classes and prestige classes award ‘2’ additional skill points per level. These additional points are calculated with a character’s beginning skills and are multiplied.


  • Every Player Character receives ‘2’ bonus feats they may be taken at any level.
  • There are no flaws.
  • The feat ‘Able Learner’ is available to all races, but still must be selected at first level.
  • The feat ‘Leadership’ is not available for selection.
  • Divine metamagic is legal, however a character’s max adjusted level is equal to the maximum divine caster level.

Hit Points

  • Hit Points are generated as follows; first level is maximum hit points for each additional level a Player may select 1/2HD+1 or to roll in front of the DM.

Favored Class

  • There are no favored classes.


  • There is a maximum of ‘1’ Nightstick.

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Character Creation

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